Jason Holt CBE

Jason Holt CBE is a British entrepreneur and social change advocate, with a track record in promoting vocational training and employment opportunities for young people. In addition to co-founding several businesses in various sectors, Holt has been actively involved in policy-making and social entrepreneurship.


Holt co-founded the Association of Apprentices in 2021, which aims to provide support and representation to apprentices across the UK. He also authored the Holt Review in 2012, which provided recommendations to the UK government on how to engage more small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in apprenticeships.


Holt is a passionate advocate for learning in the metaverse, and he co-founded Holition, a creative agency that specializes in developing immersive experiences using augmented reality and other emerging technologies. He has also co-founded Metaverse Learning, which focuses on providing training programs for learners in all areas of technical education, and Metaverse Hub, which aims to foster innovation and collaboration in the virtual world.


In addition to his entrepreneurial work, Holt has gone on to become a trusted advisor to the British Government and to successive skills ministers. Having chaired a number of Boards to support the Government’s apprenticeship reforms, including the Apprenticeship Stakeholder Board and Apprenticeship Ambassador Network.


Holt believes that technology can play a transformative role in education and workforce development, and he is committed to working with partners to drive innovation and improve the educational experience for learners and employers.