Reading experience beyond the pages. A paper book that interacts with digital contents and AR technology for a completely new reading experience Learn about words Convergence of the paper book and digital device helps develop reading habits by enjoying fun and interesting interactive activities. SPOTTY’s camera recognizes the image of the book and paper markers and generates AR(Augmented reality) interaction effects on the screen. By SPOTTY, kids can enjoy the pleasure of reading. ARwords extends your learnig experience beyond its pages and expands your knowledge of the english words.

We have 3 series about STEM and community where we live.

Kids can learn things with paper books and digital AR interactions based on the paper book with ARpedia.

and we are now planning to develop more series. “Hello, Nature(working title)” is one of them. It is about nature and will be published this year.

also, ARpedia is now developing multi-lingual version of application. English, UK-English, Japanese is now supported with “Into the Curiosity Q” series.

We will be on booth number F5C15.

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